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Air Duct Cleaning

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You should consider having the air ducts cleaned if:
* There is substantial visible mold growth inside hard surface (e.g., sheet metal) ducts or on other components of your heating and cooling system.​
* Ducts are clogged with excessive amounts of dust and debris and/or particles are actually released into the home from your supply registers.
* There are a lot of dust deposits on your furniture, upholstery and in the air.
* Find darkening around the supply and return vents.
​* Trouble breathing
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We've got years of experience to help you determine how to tackle all of your clean air concerns.

We've got a number of different options to help you with all of your air duct needs.

Sanitation Treatment

Let Us Clean Your Air Ducts And Start Breathing Cleaner Air!
Provides professional air duct cleaning services that will exceed your expectations. Our company prides itself with making our customers a top priority.  ​We use top of the line products that are environmentally friendly, which has better results than chemical cleaning. Our products are safe for you, your family, your pets, and your home. Our technicians are experts in the air duct cleaning field (Residential and Commercial), they will make sure that they leave no area uncleaned and inspected.

Our Mission
"To provide professional service, guaranteed quality, personal customer service, and the highest level of efficiency!"

Our Vision
"As Air Duct Cleaner Care Specialists, we want to clean the air ducts and start breathing cleaner air" 

What is Air Duct Cleaning?
Air Duct Cleaning is the process of cleaning various components of the furnace, ductwork, and the heating and cooling systems. If all these components are not properly maintained and operated, may become contaminated with particles of dust, dirt, pollen and debris. 

​If moister is present, potential for microorganisms can growth (e.g. mold, mildew) and ultimately may be released inside your house causing poor indoors air quality. Poor indoor air quality may cause allergic reactions or other respiratory problems to individuals who are exposed to them. 

​Air Duct Cleaning is an important service that must be done regularly in order to avoid dirt, dust and debris thereby making sure your family breathes clean uncontaminated air. If your air duct and furnace are not cleaned it may prove to be quite costly. The dirtier the air duct and furnace the harder they are to clean and decontaminate. 

Benefit #1 - Health
According to the EPA, “The level of some hazardous pollutant in indoor air is found to be up to 70 times more polluted than outdoor air”. Removing airborne contaminates such as bacteria, fungus, mold spores, pet dander, dust & pollen can help to alleviate allergy & asthma symptoms.

Benefit #2 - Extended Equipment Life
One of the functions of the fan, located inside of your air handler, is to keep the heat exchanger cool. Accumulated dirt and debris can reduce the CFM (cubic feet of air per minute) as much as 50%! This is the most common cause of cracks in heat exchangers. By having your system cleaned, you may prevent pre-mature breakdown & aging of your heating and cooling system.

Benefit #3 - Reduce Dusting
PRO AIR CARE, LLC uses the only acceptable and recognized form of cleaning the air duct: Source Removal. With this method we can help to reduce household dust by removing the dust where it travels most - through your air duct system.

Benefit #4 - Energy Savings
​According to the EPA, a build up of only .042 inches of dirt on a heating coil can result in a decrease of efficiency of 21%. A clean air conveyance system provided by Pro Air Care may help to increase efficiency and therefore may help to reduce heating and cooling costs.  

What are Sanitizers, and Why should they be used?
Sanitizers are anti-microbial solutions applied to the interior surface of the air ducts, designed to control microbial contamination. Before any sanitizers are used, the system should be thoroughly cleaned. Air filters should also be replaced prior to using any type of sanitizers. It is critical that any anti-microbial treatment used in your system be EPA registered for the intended use in HVAC systems.  

When I can know if I need my Air Ducts cleaned? 
If someone in your household suffers from allergies or unexplained symptoms or illnesses and if, after a visual inspection of the inside of the ducts, you see indication that your air ducts are contaminated with large deposits of dust or mold (no musty odor or visible mold growth), having your air ducts cleaned is probably necessary.​


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